Marina Williams | Millicom - Sustainability Reporting Specialist

Marina – Williams
Marina Williams has over 17 years of professional experience working in the corporate sustainability field. She is currently responsible for sustainability and ESG reporting at Millicom, where she also leads the company’s initiatives on climate change. She began her career working in sustainability business services at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Argentina, where she supported some of the country’s largest corporations in their first steps in sustainability reporting and an integrated view of sustainability. She later joined Walmart, where she inaugurated the company’s local sustainability initiatives in Argentina. After relocating to Miami in 2011, she worked with Walmart’s global sustainability team on efforts to set public renewable energy targets. She joined Millicom in 2017 and has since been responsible for engaging with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, including investors, rating agencies, government authorities, industry groups and competitors. She is currently leading Millicom´s efforts to set emissions reduction targets and shape a comprehensive climate strategy in line with the Paris Agreement and the TCFD framework. Marina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a Specialization in Nonprofit Organizations, and a Master’s degree in Ecopsychology and Environmental Humanities.