Andrés Barbero | DIRECTV Latin America - Director of CSR and Sustainability

DIRECTV Latin America
Andrés Barbero is Director of CSR and Sustainability for the Latin American operation. Since 2011, he has been one of those responsible for the sustainable transformation of the company in the region. In his role, he participated in the development and growth of programs such as Escuela + (television education that reaches more than 850,000 students), Piedra Papel Tijera (more than 100 volunteer actions that later become a TV series that is now in it´s seventh season) and TheForum (space that annually donates more than 200,000 seconds of broadcasting on TV to more than 40 ONGs). In 2012, Barbero led the first Carbon Footprint measurement of a company belonging to the telecommunications sector in Argentina, an action that he later expanded in all the countries of the region. In 2014 he promoted the installation of the first four pilots of the Escuela + Solar program, which provides educational TV and photovoltaic energy to those schools without access to power grid. In 2021, the total number of schools benefited will rise to 20. Since 2015, he has carried out the certification program in the R2 standard (Responsible Recycling) for its electronic waste recyclers in Latin America. He also promoted the alliance that allowed the construction of the first Sustainable Schools in Argentina and Chile, and the one to be built this year in Colombia. Barbero is recognized as a benchmark in Corporate Sustainability among other things, to his work with different Third Sector Institutions such as Dale!, Ashoka, PowerChair, La Usina, among others. In addition to his role in DIRECTV, he has been a board member of the UnitedWay Argentina Foundations (Caminando Juntos) and Vivienda Digna. Currently he collaborates with Hogar San Ignacio and is part of the Sustainability Committee of Enseña por Argentina.